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Here are links to sites that provide support for your personal, consulting, or organizational needs.

16Types.Com Online Store

Your go-to place for facilitation and self-discovery materials.

Center for Application of Psychological Type

Search CAPT’s extensive database of 6000+ Type Theory articles.

International Association of Psychological Type

Become a member of the world’s largest organization dedicated to the practical and humanistic application of Type Theory.

Interstrength Associates

Gain certification to facilitate self-discovery and implement sustainable use of Type Theory in organizations.

Keys 2 Cognition

Keep up with the latest research about the neuroscience behind the personality Types.

Myers & Briggs Foundation

Learn about the inspiring translation and implementation of Dr. Carl Jung’s ideas into the well-known Myers and Briggs Instrument.

Team Technology

Offers assessment and training solutions in the United Kingdom for leadership, management, teamwork and business.

Type Exchange

Offers digital personality Type resources including web-inars, e-books, training and presentation graphics, and more.

Type Insights

Offers individual coaching and small group workshops — with a focus on self-discovery and relationship management via tele-classes.